Adidas A126L 6107 Evil Eye Pro Sunglasses Matt Black

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: Adidas
: A126L 6107
Shipping: £5.99

Price: £174.73


Whether you're riding rugged trails or an endless stretch of road, the right eyewear is essential. The Evil Eye pro offers the ultimate in clarity, protection and fit with a Lightweight SPX™ frame and polarised lenses to filter distracting glare.

Key Features:

Polarising lens filters block reflected glare and off-axis light

Lightweight Full Rim SPX Frame

TRI.FIT vertical adjustment

Light Stabilising Technology (LST) Polycarbonate Lenses

Sweat Blocker

Wrap-around Frame

Decentered Vision Advantage lens curvature

Sophisticated Lens Fixation

Double Snap Nose Bridge

2 Size Eyewear Fitting

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