BRITA Elemaris 2.4 L Jug With FREE 3 Maxtra Cartridges

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: BRITA Elemaris
: 2.4 L Jug
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Manufacturer's Description

BRITA Elemaris Cool White water filter jug

Tap water in the UK is perfectly safe. However, it doesn't always taste, look or smell as pleasant as we'd like, and the effect can be noticeable not only in drinking water but in hot drinks and food cooked in water.

BRITA water filter products use a mixture of carbon and ion exchange resin to remove hardness, chlorine, heavy metals such as lead and copper, and other organic impurities to improve the taste, smell and appearance of cold and hot drinks.

The Elemaris Cool White water filter jug uses the BRITA Maxtra cartridge for 20% better limescale reduction. With a slim design making it suitable to fit in the fridge door, Elemaris Cool White features 'Memo', the electronic cartridge exchange indicator to remind users when to change the cartridge. It holds 1.4 litres filtered water, or 2.4 litres in total. It is scratch resistant and dishwasher safe (excluding lid.)

Product Description

Brita Elemaris Cool Water Filter White - Single Handed Easy To Fill Automatic Pour Through Lid - Ergonomic Grip With Finger Mould - Complete Anti-slip Soft Grip Handle - Volume Marks On Jug - Round Shaped Rubber Base - 1.4 Litres Filter Water Capacity - 2.4 Litres Total Capacity - The Electronic Cartridge Indicator Automatically Reminds You The Change The Cartridge Every Four Weeks

Key Features:

Includes 3 FREE MAXTRA cartridge

2.4 litre total capacity

1.4 litre filtered capacity

Slim line model for fridge door & dinner table

New contemporary design

Smart-fill lid for one handed effortless filling

Soft-grip handle and non-slip rubber base

Water level indicator

Click-fit secure lid

Dishwasher safe (excluding lid)

Colour: White

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