Brand: Homedics
Model no: CBS-1000-GB ShiatsuMax
Product ID: 1986
Shipping: £5.99
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There is nothing like a back massage to ease tension and take your cares away. The HoMedics ShiatsuMax gives you a back and shoulder massage from a single track for 80% more coverage* (in comparison to the HoMedics SBM-300). The 14 massage programs with variable intensity include: Shiatsu, Rolling and Spot massage for your back, and Vibration massage for your upper legs and thighs. The Shiatsu Max massage cushion has 2x2 massage nodes for the deepest, most intense Shiatsu massage for back and shoulders. There is a revolutionary rotating massage mechanism for enhanced lumbar massage and invigorating upper leg vibration massage.

There are bolstered sides and seat for ultimate Cocooning seat massage; Deluxe washable back cover for variable intensity massage; Full function remote control for easy operation. The cushion is adjustable to fit most chairs and sofas for use at home or in the office.

Key Features:

14 massage programs including: Back, Custom fit, Adjustable width, Heat option and Seat

Adjustable Headrest / cushioning back flap

Full function remote control

Adjustable seat for effective massage on soft sofas

Bolstered sides and seat for ultimate Cocoon massage