Brand: Kenwood
Model no: AT320
Product ID: 2060
Shipping: £5.99

To further enhance the capability of Kenwood's Chef and Major kitchen machines, a wide range of attachments have been developed. Each attachment uses a specific outlet according to the speed it needs to run at and each outlet is optimized for a range of dedicated food preparation tasks.

Kenwood's AT320A Glass Multi Mill is a highly versatile attachment, ideal for chopping, milling, grinding and blending small quantities, such as baby food, spices, coffee, herbs and nuts. The removable, sharp, stainless steel blades achieve a variety of textures, and are easy to clean. Three additional glass jars with airtight lids are also included, allowing for food to be immediately stored after milling.

Key Features:

Versatile attachment for preparing smaller quantities of food

Sharp stainless steel blades

Includes 3 glass storage jars with airtight lids

For use on the high speed outlet

Ideal for chopping, milling, grinding and blending