Brand: Kenwood
Model no: CO600
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Opening cans is quicker and easier with the Kenwood CO600. This 3-in-1 can opener can open most shapes and sizes, up to 1.2 kg, and operates hands-free because the can is locked into the machine. To operate the CO600, simply hold the can under the guide pin and press the lever lightly and the self-starting blade will pierce it and commence cutting.

The can remains fixed in position with the magnet resting against the lid until the can is open, when the motor will automatically stop, while retaining the can and lid safely in place. The Kenwood CO600 has non-slip feet and the blade can be removed for easy cleaning.

It is a three-in-one tool that also features a bottle opener and knife sharpener, making it a handy and functional accessory for your kitchen--ideal for time savers and those who have difficulty working a manual can opener.

Key Features:

Full feature table top can opener opens all shapes from small and standard domestic cans to large 1.2kg cans

Soft-touch rubber handle grip for increased comfort Lid retaining magnet for safe disposal of lid

Removable blade allows for easy cleaning and ensures hygienic operation

Cord storage prevents trailing flex on the work top

Other: 1.2kg Colour: White Wattage: 40

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