Mitre Football Training Pack


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This Mitre training pack provides coaches and players with everything they need to develop their skills and understanding of the game. The Size 5 Mitre Rotation training ball is machine stitched, soft touch and ideal for use on astro and grass surfaces. The pack also includes a Mitre pump to top up the balls air pressure when required. Drill cards allow a player to train like a professional, focusing on skills to improve various aspects of their game. Mitre 9" collapsible safety cones ensure that drills can be set up and performed with ease. The Mitre drawstring bag also acts as a handy carry bag.

  • 1 x Mitre Rotation football
  • Size 5
  • 8 x Mitre 9" safety cones
  • Mitre pump
  • Mitre drawstring carry bag
  • Mitre drill dards
  • Product code: 12393

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