Vitamix VM0109 Aspire Platinum Blender


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Truly amazing – Vitamix is so much more than just a blender, tackling 50 kitchen tasks in one machine. This appliance can make both ice cream in 30 seconds and soup from scratch in 5 minutes, it’s fast, powerful and unlike anything we’ve seen before. And, its results will seriously wow you.

The friction from the incredibly quick motor does all the work – there’s no heating element – the longer the 1200W motor is running, the hotter it cooks. Five minutes is all it takes to turn uncut, unpeeled veg into fresh, piping hot soup, ready to serve. Why have ready made? It would take longer than that to open a tin and reheat it in the microwave!

With Vitamix, there’s no need to prep fruit and veg before it goes in, and it works very quickly, which makes a huge difference from a health point of view as none of the nutrients are lost. Vitamix has the motor power, torque, speed and blade design to process the food so that you get all the goodness.

Blend, dry chop, wet chop, make frozen treats, heat, grind, knead, (making bread with the addition of the Dry Container), emulsify… tackling over 50 different tasks with variable speed settings, you’ll be simply astounded by Vitamix. And, after all that – it’s really easy to clean. Just half-fill with soapy water, switch on, then rinse the jug with clean water.

  • It works quickly so nutrients are retained – unlike a juice extractor, it blends fruit and veg into fibre-rich, whole food juice in just one minute.
  • Cooks hot soup from scratch in under 5 minutes without chopping and peeling veg first – whole carrots and peppers can go in – seeds and all.
  • Almost instantly dices, chops or blends ingredients into salsas, dips and sauces – making everything from hummus and nacho sauce to peanut butter.
  • Makes fresh, home-made ice cream or frozen yoghurts and desserts in an amazing 30 seconds just by adding ice or frozen fruit. The blade action creates a larger frozen surface, so freezing happens almost instantly – there’s no time for the ingredients to melt!
  • Unlike conventional blenders, it smashes through ice cubes in seconds – perfect for smoothies and margaritas.
  • Grinds wet or dry ingredients – coffee beans can be ground in as little as 10 seconds.
  • One multi-functional machine for dozens of tasks
  • Blends fruit and veg into juice in 1 min
  • Cooks hot soup from scratch in under 5 mins
  • Almost instantly dices, chops or blends ingredients for salsas, dips and sauces
  • Product code: 5659

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